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Lapland Bus Charter: Unlocking the Northern Wonders

In the pristine terrains of Lapland, Finland, navigation and travel can emerge as crucial aspects of your trip. The alluring Santa Claus Village and the ethereal dance of the Northern Lights beckon tourists from all over the world. But how does one traverse the vast, enchanting landscapes of the North, especially in winter? The answer lies with a reputable Lapland bus charter, such as Ruka Travels.

A Glance at Ruka Travels

Ruka Travels, a distinguished family company rooted in the 1950s, specializes in offering top-notch charter services in the Ruka-Kuusamo area in Northeast Finland. With their transportation fleet consisting of modern cars, minibuses, and buses of various sizes, they ensure that both small and large groups can explore the charm of Lapland in comfort and style.



Diverse Fleet for Every Journey

Ruka Travels’ transportation fleet is extensive and versatile, designed to meet the needs of groups of various sizes. Whether it’s a rental car for a more intimate journey or buses for large groups eager to witness the Arctic Ocean, every service guarantees a memorable journey. The fleet’s buses are well-equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi, AC, toilets, and USB charging, ensuring a pleasant trip through Northern Norway and beyond.

Charter Services for Customized Trips

The company’s charter services are flexible and are available for airport transfers, excursion transports, or chartered trips to tourist centres and other destinations in Lapland. The variety in services and vehicles makes Ruka Travels an ideal choice for those looking to experience the allure of Lapland without the constraints of standard travel companies.


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Exploring Lapland’s Attractions

The magical Santa Claus Village is just one of the gems in Lapland’s crown, a place where the charm of the North amalgamates with timeless traditions. By utilizing charter services, groups—small and large—can experience this and more, including the magnificent Northern Lights, a phenomenon that enchants everyone who witnesses it.

Winter Travels in Lapland

Can one travel to Lapland in winter by bus? Absolutely! Ruka Travels ensures that the buses in their fleet are winter-ready, allowing tourists to explore the winter wonderland of Lapland with ease and convenience. Whether it’s a journey abroad or a trip to witness the Northern Lights, Ruka Travels provides seamless service.

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Arctic route

Choose Your Northern Adventure

Navigating the extensive landscapes of Lapland, Finland is made considerably easier with Ruka Travels. Their well-maintained transportation fleet and high-quality charter services cater to various needs, ensuring that every journey—be it to the Santa Claus Village or through the landscapes lit by the Northern Lights—is remarkable and unforgettable. For those eager to embrace the beauty and wonder of the North, Ruka Travels stands out as a reliable companion.

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Answering Your Travel Questions

How do you get around in Lapland?

With the proficient services provided by Ruka Travels, getting around Lapland is hassle-free, be it by rental car or bus, catering to individual preferences and group sizes.

Do you need a car to visit Lapland?

While a car can offer more personal experiences, the buses provided by Ruka Travels are an excellent option for those traveling in groups, ensuring no one misses out on the adventures Lapland has to offer.

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